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Stephen Nigro

3D Printing Innovator
Our Interview with Stephen Nigro

Stephen Nigro, Strategic Advisor

Currently with Kornit Digital, Stephen Nigro is an industry veteran who has spent more than 37 years at HP working in a variety of capacities, most recently as President of 3D Printing.  In that position he oversaw the global build-out and dramatic growth of that business segment. He aslo served HP as Senior Vice President of Imaging and Printing, leading all of HP’s printing businesses including HP Inkjet, HP LaserJet and HP Graphics.

Stephen Nigro is a well-known name in 3D printing

In his role as President of HP 3D Printing, he was responsible for bringing to fruition a number of disruptive innovations to market, such as HP’s proven MultiJet Fusion technology.

Stephen had previously served as the Senior Vice President of HP’s Imaging & Printing business, bringing the industry’s leading imaging and printing solutions to market.

With over 37 years of print expertise spanning business leadership, product, and technical roles – Stephen is uniquely qualified to speak on and lead innovation in these areas.

Stephen is the kind of leader that combines vision with execution. He collaborates across departments to ensure bigger thinking and better execution. His knowledge and history of the business never competed with driving innovation. What continues to impress me is Stephen’s focus on developing people. He is the rare senior executive that realizes the time spent coaching people at all levels in the organization pays dividends to the bottom and top line
Tia Newcomer

Chief Commercial Officer at California Cryobank LLC

Here are a  Few of Stephen Nigro’s Video Presentations

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