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Aeronautics and Aerospace

One of the major areas where 3D Printing technologies are being used and investigated.


The automotive and trucking industries have begun to embrace 3D printing and scanning in significant ways. From making parts to creating a complete 3D printed vehicle. 


In the not too distant future, 3D printed homes and buildings will become more and more common. 

Design and Engineering

3D printing and scanning means that the designs and the engineering used currently may look radically different. Combined with the use of robotics, we can expect major changes in this area.


While 3D printing and scanning will not totally replace our current manufacturing processes, they will dramatically change where they are produced and the labor force required to produce them.


The implications for bioprinting and other medical uses of 3D printing are staggering. 3D printed corneas are already a reality. 3D printed prosthetics as well. Within a few years, it may be possible to print a replacement organ for your body using your own cells and DNA. 

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