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3 Technologies That ‘The Jetsons’ Accurately Predicted

3 Technologies That ‘The Jetsons’ Accurately Predicted

Written by David

May 24, 2021


The Jetsons was a futuristic cartoon that aired its first episode in 1962. While the original series only contained 24 episodes, it was rebooted in the 1980s, offering fans a new glimpse into its rather optimistic future. The cartoon may have drawn some inspiration from the era it was filmed in. Still, the creators also made some bold technological predictions. Several of them came to pass.


Did you realize that the animated series managed to predict these three technological trends?


The Jetsons predicted the invention of smartwatches and tablets


In 2021, it’s pretty commonplace to see someone wearing a smartwatch or reading the news on a tablet. The very first tablet was produced in 2001. In 2011, the iPad brought tablet computing to mainstream shoppers. Since then, they have become ubiquitous. A few years before the first tablet was introduced, Seiko launched the first smartwatch. According to Engadget, the first smartwatch was produced in 1998. It had very little in common with today’s smartwatches, though. ‘The Jetsons accurately predicted both technologies decades before they would become commonplace. George Jetson regularly read the news on a digital device […]

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