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3D Printed Designer Furniture

3D Printed Designer Furniture

Written by David

October 27, 2020


Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata find that the idea of 3D printing sits comfortably for designer furniture. In a recent Financial Times article , the heading read that for design, 3D printing is entering “into the next dimension”.


The furniture industry sales are estimated to be $509.8 billion in 2020 and forecasted to reach $650.7 billion by the year 2027.


In recent years people have been turning to 3D printing to create some very unique designs ranging from desks, chairs, sofas, and vases just to name a few. 3D printing allows designers to create furniture pieces that would not be possible to produce using traditional manufacturing processes. As a result, many leading furniture designers have implemented additive manufacturing into their design process. 3D Printed Chairs 3D printing allows for intricate designs that work very efficiently when manufacturing chairs. Some of these chairs made by luxury brands can end […]

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