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3D-printed mini-organs may provide safe testing of COVID-19 therapies

3D-printed mini-organs may provide safe testing of COVID-19 therapies

Written by David

May 13, 2020


While some technology companies have been using 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, to address the personal protective equipment shortage caused by the novel coronavirus, others are using 3D printing technology to create samples of human organs and tissues for coronavirus testing.


As public health officials and philanthropists race to find treatments for COVID-19 — the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus — researchers at universities and companies, like Novoheart Holdings Inc., are trying to speed up traditional drug and vaccine development processes without compromising patient safety by using 3D bioprinting. Like traditional 3D printing, bioprinting uses a device to construct a three-dimensional model created with a computer-aided design system. Instead of using plastic filaments, however, bioprinters use cells mixed with biocompatible materials, called bioinks, to create three-dimensional systems that act like human organs and tissues. These systems can then be deployed in tests by drug developers or, in […]

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