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3D Printed PLA: Heat Treatment & Impact Strength Studies

3D Printed PLA: Heat Treatment & Impact Strength Studies

Written by David

January 3, 2020


In the recently published ‘ A Study of the Effect of Heat Treatment on 3D Printed PLA Impact Strength ,’ author Suresh Thota presents a thesis at South Dakota State University, centered around experimenting with materials and mechanical properties in 3D printing.


Because environment plays a large role in 3D printing and may have such a substantial effect on parts and prototypes, Thota investigates varying parameters like temperature and humidity, and how they affect PLA in terms of:


Compressive strength

Tensile strength

Bending strength

Impact strength


PLA is commonly used as a material for 3D printing, as it is made from renewable resources (corn and sugarcane) and is both biodegradable and biocompatible, making it useful in medical applications too. For this study, Thota and the research team used four spools of yellow PLA. They reported that this material was affordable and required low temperature nozzles to melt filament. […]

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