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3D printed railway models, part I: Landscape

3D printed railway models, part I: Landscape

Written by David

December 30, 2019


A couple of months ago, our brand new 3D printer, the Original Prusa SL1 , hit the market. It’s based on the MSLA technology , which allows it to reach an incredible level of detail on the printed objects. It has a wide range of use, and this time we decided to focus on model railways – these small replicas (H0) are often full of microscopic details: a suitable challenge for our SL1. However, the SL1 can do much more than just trains – pretty much everything in the surroundings requires a ton of details: cars, pedestrians, parts of scenery… And, of course, large models can be printed on our FFF machines, such as the Original Prusa i3 MK3S , and combined with more detailed models from the SL1 . The best showcase is usually a real-life scenario, so let us show you a project that we’ve been working […]

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