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3D Printer extruder head breakout kit

3D Printer extruder head breakout kit

Written by David

August 1, 2020


Breakout board mounts directly on extruder motor so swapping components like heater fans, thermistors, or probes will take only a couple of minutes. No more need to disconnect everything from the main board and route and relieve all the cables over and over. No more zip tie replacements needed.


Originally designed it for myself as I run a small 3D printing shop, and printing my products and maintenance was always an issue. You can get blobs, failed components, and clogged nozzles, and this kit makes it painless. The kit is special as you can strip wires and insert them directly by pushing a lever, and you can crimp ferrules if you have a crimper, or tin wires if you have soldering iron. The board has these pins available: 2 pins for heater (4 pins in total, 6A max) 2 pins for thermistor (3A max) 2 pins for hot end […]

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