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3D Printing A Meatless World: Self-Medication with 3D Printed Food

3D Printing A Meatless World: Self-Medication with 3D Printed Food

Written by David

September 1, 2020


As we’ve seen previously in this series, 3D printing could have a significant impact on the burgeoning meatless meat industry. Moreover, everything is surimi is everything, and everything is surimi.


These two claims of mine could have a substantial effect on 3D printing as an industry and our world in general, if they turn out to have substance. We are however, in the initial stages of a food revolution. The bigger picture sees the Industrial Revolution (which created the current food system of supermarkets, chains, and brands), the Green Revolution (which expanded agricultural production in the 1950’s), bioindustry development (which saw the dawn of AFOs , hormones in meat, caged chickens in their millions, etc.) be joined by another paradigm shift in food production: Lab Food. Where the Industrial and Green revolutions created the infrastructure for food production for an industrialized world, the bioindustry made previously scarce animal […]


  1. Rosie Jones

    When I want meat I want the real thing, not fake meat. This is so wrong. 3D o printing should be for other things and not our food supply.

    • David

      I think what we are seeing is the beginning of what can be done as far as 3d printing foods. Meat is probably the most challenging, but imagine the possibility of 3d printing foods, especially meats, from the building blocks, so to speak, of proteins, etc., that can create a meat that is totally organic, without the need for pesticides, growth hormones, you name it. I think the potential health benefits are astounding, but we are a long way from that point currently.

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