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3D Printing: A New Kind of Construction Process

3D Printing: A New Kind of Construction Process

Written by David

November 27, 2019


In 2018, Fuseproject, a 3D-printing firm based in San Francisco, announced their newest endeavor in building a whole neighborhood for a small community of 50 farmers and weavers in Latin America.


Fuseproject worked in El Salvador with New Story, a housing non-profit, and ICON, a construction technologies company. Within a 24-hour period, the 3D-printers will make each home unique from the others to avoid the birdhouse effect, as well as provide safety against environmental and physical danger for families living on less than $200 per month.


Moreover, Icon has launched their new printer, the Vulcan II , which is able to build a 650 square-foot home for $4,000 in less than a day. Canada has also joined the movement to integrate 3D printing technology into the construction industry: The Conference Board of Canada published a new research series last fall that takes a […]

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