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3D Printing: A Pedalution, Part Five – 13 Scenarios for Market Entry

3D Printing: A Pedalution, Part Five – 13 Scenarios for Market Entry

Written by David

June 15, 2021


In the previous articles in the Pedalution series, we looked at the prevalence of 3D printing in cycling and bike components . We’ve also explored what companies are doing with 3D printing and the value chain disruption that is likely with the use of the technology. We additionally laid out “ the five forties ” and other factors that accelerate 3D printing adoption in the industry and the most likely segments that will adopt 3D printing. Now, we’ll look more broadly at a number of other market segment scenarios that could lead to the adoption of 3D printing in bicycle manufacturing and how likely it is that each will bring about that end result.


Nyxo Bike Saddle Rendering As mentioned before, the below scenarios are likely to bring about more widespread 3D printing in this industry, broadly speaking: Existing small players can continue to be innovative, using bicycle components that differentiate themselves. Other companies, such as Cinelli , are much smaller but could use technology’s cutting edge to remain competitive in Europe-based production through 3D printing. Since they already make components and bikes it would let them in an integrated way develop new bicycles using 3D printing. Fizik and […]

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