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3D Printing Archive Acquired by Penn State

3D Printing Archive Acquired by Penn State

Written by David

June 6, 2020


Ennex Research has had an eye on the future since 1975, evolving over the years to have a strong focus on advanced technology like 3D printing, along with other important subjects like human issues.


The Ennex archive of artifacts and resources was acquired by Penn State in 2018, and now they have published a finding aid to be used by university students, teachers, researchers, as well as the general public.


Over the past two years, Penn State has been curating over 20,000 items in the archives, which Matt Francis, former associate head of Special Collections, refers to as “a cohesive ecosystem of the history of the technology.” The archive includes everything from actual fabricated artifacts to print resources, and even experimental materials from the Ennex development lab. Briefcase used to show capabilities of digital fabrication in client meetings, 1994. Penn State has already earned a reputation as a “premier […]

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