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3D Printing Healthcare Applications for the Elderly

3D Printing Healthcare Applications for the Elderly

Written by David

May 21, 2020


3D printing has many applications in the healthcare industry, as it allows users to fabricate complex, cost-effective, patient-specific devices on-demand. In the same vein, 3D bioprinting is important for applications in tissue engineering and replacement organs.


Helena Dodziuk, a researcher at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences ( PAN ), explained why in her paper, “ Application of 3D printing in healthcare of the elderly .” “Its great advantage is personalization that guarantees better adjustment of a device, an implant or prosthesis to the patient’s body, thus fostering the patient recovery,” Dodziuk writes. She explains that most of the time, 3D printed healthcare applications are not meant to be age-specific, but are frequently used by older adults. In her paper, she reviews many ways that 3D printing is used in the medical field for applications that often apply to the elderly. “The present and […]

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