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3D Printing Helps Rehabilitate Vital Coral Reefs in Hong Kong

3D Printing Helps Rehabilitate Vital Coral Reefs in Hong Kong

Written by Paul

January 11, 2021


Scientists from the University of Hong Kong are utilizing 3D printed artificial reefs to mimic brain corals and help regenerate the coral reef population in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park.


(Photo : Nhobgood Nick Hobgood / Wikimedia commons) Coral Reefs Under Threat According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) , coral reefs have the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem. It directly and globally supports over 500 million people especially those that live in poverty. Coral reefs take care of 25% of marine life by providing shelter and food for organisms. Unfortunately, coral reefs are also the most threatened ecosystems in the world. Coral bleaching due to the increase of global temperature and greenhouse emissions have devastated coral reefs around the globe. UNESCO says that coral reefs in 29 reef-containing World Heritage sites would cease to exists as early as the end of the century. 75& of the Earth’s coral reefs are threatened by climate change, human activity, and habitat loss. Check out: Coral Reef Restoration Needs Researchers Help Threats to Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park In 2018, a typhoon swept across the San Kung peninsula ultimately destroying 80% of Hoi Ha Wan’s corals. Winds that reportedly […]

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