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3D Printing in Healthcare: Healthcare Trends

3D Printing in Healthcare: Healthcare Trends

Written by David

June 25, 2020


In healthcare, 3D bioprinting is used to create living human cells or tissue for use in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.


Organovo and EnvisionTEC are the pioneers of this technology. 3D printing is also used to manufacture precision and personalised pharmaceuticals. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals’ Spritam for epilepsy is the first and only FDAapproved 3D printed drug.


Listed below are the key healthcare trends impacting the 3D printing industry, as identified by GlobalData. Use of 3D Printing to fight the Covid-19 pandemic The rapid proliferation of Covid-19 has been putting great strain on healthcare systems across the world, with demand for critical medical equipment and supplies mounting. Major manufacturers to individuals, have responded to the Covid-19 crisis by supporting the production of vital medical equipment for hospitals. 3D Systems, Carbon, and Renishaw have begun designing and manufacturing open-source PPE for healthcare workers worldwide. Use of 3D Printing in regenerative medicine There […]

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