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3D Printing Moving into Mainstream Manufacturing

3D Printing Moving into Mainstream Manufacturing

Written by David

April 10, 2020


3D printers can quickly fabricate face shields and other medical devices needed to combat the coronavirus outbreak. You certainly can’t say 3D printing technology was an overnight success, but it’s playing an important role in several key vertical markets these days, particularly in the health care vertical in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus around the world.


The market for 3D printing in healthcare is “ growing rapidly , particularly for the manufacturing of medical devices,” according to new research from data analytics firm GlobalData. “One of the greatest advantages of the technology is the freedom to produce custom-made and on-demand medical products and equipment,” the latest GlobalData report says. “Moreover, the availability of open-source product designs is helping 3D printing startups to mass-produce essential medical equipment,” the report says. 3D printing has “lowered the barriers to entry for manufacturing, allowing enterprises across many industries to respond […]

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