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3D printing of Covid-19 test swab sticks ramps up

3D printing of Covid-19 test swab sticks ramps up

Written by David

April 14, 2020


Nasal swab sticks are typically manufactured using injection molds and flocking, which includes tufts of polyester material attached to the end of a plastic shaft.


With production at an Italian facility that is one of major suppliers of nasal swabs needed for COVID-19 test kits severely impacted by the pandemic, Formlabs, a venture-backed maker of 3D printers, and partners USF Health and Northwell Health Labs have stepped in to meet demand. In just one week, the teams collaborated to develop a nasal swab prototype and tested it at the USF Health and Northwell Health Labs, diagnostic test labs that are processing COVID-19 test kits.


The prototypes were created using Formlabs’ 3D printers and biocompatible autoclavable resins. With clinical validation finalized, 3D printers at all three companies will produce the swabs at throughput rates of up to 300 units per printer per day. A big design challenge Industry Event […]

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