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3D Printing Provides Building Blocks of Healing

3D Printing Provides Building Blocks of Healing

Written by David

August 5, 2020


A group of researchers has demonstrated that assembling a network of tiny, approximately 1.5-mm 3 blocks with the aid of optical technology can be an effective way to accelerate healing in tissue and bone.


Using Lego blocks as inspiration, they even learned that filling these blocks with different materials could direct specific healing to where it was needed most. The blocks were essentially used as a scaffolding in an experiment with laboratory rats. The research was led by Luiz Bertassoni, an associate professor in biomedical engineering in the Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine, along with others from his institution and from the University of Oregon, New York University, and Mahidol University in Thailand.


“The rationale behind these Lego-like scaffolds was that we wanted to be able to grow parts of a complex tissue in the lab, where the conditions can […]

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