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3D printing technology creates more possibilities for gourmets

3D printing technology creates more possibilities for gourmets

Written by David

July 20, 2020


Do you know how to make a dish that would please both vegans and meat-lovers? An Israeli 3D printing company is working on this using plant-based materials, meaning it prints meat-like dishes. “The Redefine Meat 3D printing technology allows replacing the cows or other animals in creating the meat. We aim to create their texture and flavor and combine everything together in the way that only animals can do,” said Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO & Co-founder of Redefine Meat.


There’s an increasing concern over animal welfare and the environment, so plant-based meat products are gaining popularity. And now the pandemic is posing new challenges to meat safety. “Especially in this time, with the COVID-19 and with everything we experience. Technology being better for the environment and for people is really important. And we see this as something accelerating, and we grow dramatically all over the world,” said Ben-Shitrit. The Tel […]

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