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3D Printing: the Future of Sticks

3D Printing: the Future of Sticks

Written by David

November 5, 2020


Sports equipment is a multi-billion dollar business operating globally at many price points. We can buy inexpensive gear at stores such as Decathlon, but, elsewhere, also super-premium tennis rackets, golf clubs, bikes, shirts, and balls.


We’re living in an age where being a Pro is simply a question of how much you’d rather spend than how much time you’d like to put in. There are super affordable squash racket brands, premium ones that sponsor athletes, and mid-market brands for sporting goods retailers worldwide. I think that, in gloves and other gear, we will see 3D printed and mass customized products emerge. We already see a lot of 3D printing activity in safety gear as well, including mouth guards.


Specifically, in helmets , products are also emerging. There has also been a lot of hype on shoes that are 3D printed. Additionally, there is a very good business case for […]

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