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3D printing used to recreate jaw of patient with a tumour

3D printing used to recreate jaw of patient with a tumour

Written by David

February 4, 2021


The procedure dispensed with need for 2 surgeries and prolonged hospitalisation Little did this 31-year-old resident of Kolhapur imagine that her toothache could lead to her losing a part of her jaw. But when her pain did not subside despite a tooth extraction and instead overwhelmed her with an unhealing wound and foul smell, the doctors did an X-ray where the tooth had been extracted to find a huge tumour lodged in her jaw.


Biopsy results showed the patient had ameloblastoma — a rare, benign tumour with a much more aggressive variant — in her lower jaw to the left. She underwent a month of treatment locally, before she was referred to Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH) at Chinchwad. According to the doctors here, she was pretty acquainted with the consequences of having a tumour grow in her jaw and the treatment modalities available to her. Traditionally for such tumours the jaw is removed and replaced with a bone from the patient’s leg. While the implant so created from the patient’s own bone made for better adaptability, the procedure called for 8-10 hours of surgery. In fact, it involved two surgeries — one the extraction of the bone from […]

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