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3dpbm publishes Medical AM Focus 2020 eBook

3dpbm publishes Medical AM Focus 2020 eBook

Written by David

February 28, 2020


As February wraps up, we are pleased to announce the release of 3dpbm’s second eBook, which spotlights the Medical AM segment. For the past month, we’ve focused on medical applications for additive manufacturing, exploring the diverse ways the technology is used to push patient care into the future.


Following our first eBook in the series, on how the automotive industry is using additive manufacturing for production, our second eBook edition delves further into the intersecting healthcare and AM industries, presenting a comprehensive analysis of medical AM applications, exclusive interviews with healthcare manufacturers reaping the benefits of AM and an overview of medical device and bioprinting companies that are pushing the boundaries of the segment.


As an important adopter of additive manufacturing, the medical market has evolved almost in tandem with the AM market in recent years. Today, though many potential applications are still on the horizon, 3D printing is […]

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