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5 3D Printing for Agriculture Applications

5 3D Printing for Agriculture Applications

Written by David

February 21, 2020


Agriculture stands to gain more from technology than many other industries. Farming is critical to both an individual farmer’s livelihood and to the entirety of society. As such, everyone benefits from the agricultural sector adopting new technologies that optimize the farming process.


3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, but it can offer several advantages to agriculture as well.


While it has yet to see widespread adoption, 3D printing is becoming more common in farming circles and will likely continue to grow.


Here are five valuable applications for 3D printing in agriculture:

1. Manufacturing Tools One of the key advantages of 3D printing is customization. Custom tools can be expensive if manufactured traditionally, but 3D printing can create these products quickly and inexpensively. If a farmer needs a specialized tool to perform a specific job, they can have one 3D printed one in as little as a day. This […]

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