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5 interesting TED Talks focused on 3D printing

5 interesting TED Talks focused on 3D printing

Written by David

September 8, 2020


TED Talks are still going strong, just like about 10 years ago. Since the start of these talks there have been lots of innovations, also in the 3D printing Houston industry. This sector has been widely mentioned in the TED Talks, as you can find out in this article.


Anthony Atala | 3D printing a human kidney


Anthony Atala’s TED Talk was done in 2011, so since then there have been a lot of developments in 3D printing Austin . However, it is still very interesting to hear an experienced surgeon speak about how additive manufacturing can be used to replace human organs. 3D printing certainly may help to solve the organ-donor problems that we are experiencing in the world at the moment.


Aaron Chow | Re-Framing Failure to Re-Define Success


In his TED Talk Aaron Chow talks about the possibility to try and […]

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