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A 10-second COVID-19 antibody test with 3D-printed high-performance sensors

A 10-second COVID-19 antibody test with 3D-printed high-performance sensors

Written by Paul

December 28, 2020


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, have developed one of the fastest known COVID-19 antibody tests. The test results are available in 10 to 15 seconds and detect the presence of two of the antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.


Such a quick and effective test could be a game-changer for controlling the spread of the pandemic. The breakthrough test would require a very small drop of blood from a fingertip (less than five microliters) to identify two antibodies of the virus: spike S1 protein and receptor binding domain (RBD). It can detect antibody concentrations at an extremely low level, one picomolar (0.15 nanograms per milliliter), through an electrochemical reaction within a handheld microfluidic device.


Results are sent almost immediately to a simple interface on a smart phone. The device can be cleaned (i.e. regenerated) within one minute using a special chemistry discovered by the researchers that allows multiple, successive readings from the same device. Researchers reveal fastest known COVID-19 antibody test with high sensitivity due to a unique, 3D printing technology and an electrochemical reaction. (Image: CMU) A simple yet elegant additive manufacturing technology […]

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