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A hip replacement, at the push of a button?

A hip replacement, at the push of a button?

Written by David

November 15, 2019


Construction is underway in the downtown Baldwin Building to create space for the Mayo Clinic division of Engineering Additive Manufacturing facility. The core of that facility will be a 3D printer or additive manufacturing device that will use “medical-grade, implant-grade titanium” to produce devices, tools and more. Someday, it could even be used to manufacture patient implants.


“It’s a big deal. To my knowledge, Mayo Clinic is the only hospital not connected to an university engineering department installing a 3D metal printer,” said Laralyn McDaniel of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. “It’s a considerable leap, particularly within hospital setting.”


Once the EOS M 290 printer is installed in the 1,600-square-foot in the Additive Manufacturing facility, it will enable Mayo Clinic in-house engineers to work with physicians and researchers to […]

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