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A new resin expands the scope of volumetric printing

A new resin expands the scope of volumetric printing

Written by David

February 4, 2021


Since its inception in the early 1980s, 3D printing technology has emerged as a futuristic and revolutionary means of manufacturing. Among the many innovations is a technique called volumetric additive printing, in which an entire 3D object is is solidified from a photosensitive liquid material by irradiating it with different patterns of light.


This technique is highly innovative because it overcomes many of the drawbacks of layer‐by-layer fabrication of conventional 3D printers, such as long build times and rough surfaces. The types of materials available are also broader, having fewer constraints on viscosity and reactivity compared to layer printing. In an article recently published in Advanced Materials , a team of researchers led by Maxim Shusteff of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory reported a highly tunable strategy using a new thiol-ene photoresin. Thiol-enes are polymers formed through the polymerization between a thiol and an alkene to form […]

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