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Adventures in 3D Printing: The Elegoo Mars Pro Review

Adventures in 3D Printing: The Elegoo Mars Pro Review

Written by David

October 13, 2020


The name Elegoo has become synonymous in the 3D printing world with good, affordable MSLA Printers. Earlier this year they introduced their second generation Mars printer, the Mars Pro.


Elegoo sent me one to take for a test drive; here are my thoughts. SLA vs FDM:


The Two Types of 3D Printing


Briefly, for our readers who aren’t that familiar with 3D printers but are thinking about dipping their toes in the water: There are essentially two types of printers available, stereolithographic (SLA) and fused deposition modeling (FDM). FDM models use a heated filament (most frequently PLA plastic) to build up a model, adding layer after layer until the model is complete. SLA printers use light to solidify a layer of resin at a time, creating the model. In the case of the Mars Pro, which is a masked stereolithographic (MSLA) printer, it uses light specifically from an LED […]

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