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An Unforgettable AMUG | 3D Printing Leadership Redefined in 2021

An Unforgettable AMUG | 3D Printing Leadership Redefined in 2021

Written by David

May 10, 2021


“Please wear a mask in public spaces,” the Hilton Hotel lobby signage makes it pretty clear upon arrival that they want their guests to feel comfortable and safe while on the property. Suddenly, it hits me again: the last time I was at a conference was well over a year ago when it was a much simpler time. As I head towards AMUG badge check-in, I glance at the “6 feet social distancing” stickers on the hotel floor and my anticipation begins to grow… we are really doing it!


I collect my AMUG badge and head to the backpack collection area. Two gentlemen are laughing together, one masked and one without a mask, as they hand me my bag with my very own AMUG mask – cool. As I walk towards the elevators, I run into the famous and maskless Tom Sorovetz, who tells me, “Our area is private, so it’s totally acceptable to proceed with or without a mask on — we simply ask that you respect other people’s comfort level.” Again, very cool. The exhibition has already been open for a few hours and I enter to see elbow bumps, handshakes, smiles, masks and wide eyes as […]

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