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An Unusual 3D Print Accessory: Plastic Repellent Paint

An Unusual 3D Print Accessory: Plastic Repellent Paint

Written by David

September 1, 2020


I bumped into a 3D print accessory I’d never heard of, and think it’s a pretty good idea.


The accessory is “Plastic Repellent Paint”, distributed by Slice Engineering. They are a reseller of unusual components for 3D printing since 2017, and their product line consists of a few exotic hot ends, replacement parts, accessories and nozzles.


One of their products is Plastic Repellent Paint, and while I haven’t tried this yet, I believe it could be a tremendous way to avoid major damage on desktop 3D printers. The problem being addressed here is a certain type of 3D printer failure, in which a large amount of material is deposited on the hot end. 3D Printer Hot End Blobs Every 3D printer operator, at least for filament machines, has likely encountered this problem. It usually starts with poor bed adhesion, which eventually causes the […]

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