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Bugatti uses patented 3D-printing technology to make the Bolide

Bugatti uses patented 3D-printing technology to make the Bolide

Written by David

January 29, 2021


Bugatti routinely uses this innovative 3D printing technology to enhance components with complex three-dimensional structures. The French luxury manufacturer applies principles from the field of bionics to give the printed components a bone-like structure: featuring thin walls, a hollow interior, and fine branching.


And this is precisely how the components obtain their remarkable rigidity despite their low weight – with wall thicknesses of up to just 0.4 millimeters.


“We will continue to reduce the weight of our cars while increasing their innovative features in every conceivable area,” explains Henrik Hoppe. From conception through production to installation in the vehicle, the engineer designs and plans the individual steps and carries out all of the calculations. This also includes an evaluation of the commercial feasibility for the production of the components.


“Although Bugatti demands the highest quality standards in terms of materials, manufacturing processes and components, they must be commercially viable,” he adds. Bugatti is the technological leader in the field of metal 3D printing. Since production began of the Chiron, the hyper sports car has been fitted with the industry’s first series-produced metal 3D-printed functional component: a small, water-carrying high-pressure pump console next to the transmission fluid reservoir. In 2018, […]

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