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Build Your Own Open-Source AR Headset For Under $80

Build Your Own Open-Source AR Headset For Under $80

Written by Paul

January 11, 2021


CheApR is the open-source headset you build on your own. When Jeri Ellsworth and her team launched a Kickstarter campaign for their Tilt Five tabletop augmented reality glasses, it caught the attention of tech enthusiast Arnaud Atchimon.


Atchimon loved the idea of how cutting-edge hardware like the Tilt Five glasses and AR could be a big game-changer for tabletop gaming and remote socialization. What he didn’t love, however, was the pricey and difficult-to-purchase hardware. His solution was cheApR, an open-source AR headset built using 3D printed parts and electronics lying around his lab. Atchimon, who is tech savvy but doesn’t have an engineering or electronics background, conducted lot of a good deal of research in order to bring his proprietary AR device to life. For inspiration, Atchimon turned to the work of creator Lovyan03, whose ScreenshotSender project was, “mind-blowing and eye-opening,” according to Atchimon. He used this project as a guide to help him develop his CheApR headset. According to Atchimon, the development of his open-source AR headset wouldn’t have been possible if not for Lovyan03’s expertise and guidance. You can explore more of Lovyan03’s work via his Github page. Atchimon broke his build down into multiple steps; some […]

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