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Dental Video Articles

NextDent 5100 dental 3D printer is having a real impact on patient lives

Dr. Michael Scherer, prosthodontist, uses the NextDent 5100 3D dental printer at his practice.  . Dr. Scherer has reduced denture production and delivery times.  . He says the expedited delivery of...

Digitally Creating Snap on Teeth that can be 3d Printed

This shows how you can generate a digital waxup in Blue Sky Plan and then convert it into a printable or millable file of snap on teeth that you can fabricate and drop straight over the existing...

3D printing dental models: material comparison and tips

Just a general overview of different materials, colors and modeling techniques and printers and how they compare to each other.

3D printing dental models with the Elegoo Mars 3D printer and meshmixer

Preparing, printing and verifing 3D printed models with an inexpensive 3D resin printer and free software.      

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