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CERN develops 3D-printed plastic scintillators for neutrino detectors

CERN develops 3D-printed plastic scintillators for neutrino detectors

Written by David

June 24, 2020


Neutrinos are perhaps one of the most elusive yet ubiquitous particles around us. Researchers at CERN have invested heavily in detecting these ghastly particles with the T2K experiment, which is a leading neutrino oscillation experiment in Japan. However, scientists are looking to upgrade the experiment’s detector to yield more precise results.


Plastic scintillators are frequently employed in such neutrino oscillation experiments, where they reconstruct the final state of the neutrino interaction. The upgraded detector requires a two-tonne polystyrene-based plastic scintillator detector that is segmented into 1 cm^3 cubes. These small cubes yield precise results but require finer granularity which ultimately makes the detector assembly harder. With this trade-off in mind, the CERN EP-Neutrino group in collaboration with the Institute for Scintillation Materials (ISMA) of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine developed a new plastic scintillator production technique that involves additive manufacturing. Jargon aside, the solution […]

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