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Channeling the Unseen: 3D Printing for Flow Applications

Channeling the Unseen: 3D Printing for Flow Applications

Written by David

February 9, 2021


Flow is not an industry; it’s not an established vertical; it’s not an established part; it’s not a thing you can buy at Sigma Aldrich or RS Components. Flow is not a market or part that you think of or can get and, yet, flow is one of the fastest-growing areas in 3D printing.


We tend to think of the world through categories and these categories help us because they allow us to organize our thinking and delineate and compare things against one another. Categorization is natural to the mind and helps us see patterns, details, and the bigger picture. But sometimes our automatic ability to see and make boxes and lists from unstructured data also confuses us. With our categorization habit, we obfuscate the important new breakthrough pattern. That which allows us to order the mundane may very well hide the new.


This is why it took me so long to see flow as the biggest new trend in 3D printing.


It was only after working on 3D printed manifolds in cars and writing about them for a client in a short span of time that I noticed the trend. Through trying to differentiate the different manifolds—one, the […]

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