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Chinese 3D Printer Exports Soar Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Chinese 3D Printer Exports Soar Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by David

June 20, 2020


Since early spring of 2020, there has been much to be serious about, from health to finances. Some of us have had one thing in common though: we have had to find more to do around the house. You may have taken up the art of bread baking and filling the home with delicious aromas, expanded your gardening skills or started a kitchen herb garden, or blazed through that juicy list of books you have been meaning to read.


According to sales in China though, many of you have also been busy ordering 3D printers and accompanying supplies.


As economies began to falter and household budgets suffered, there were many questions about the future and how retail, restaurants, and other commercial endeavors would fair. What better time to innovate—using one of the most exciting new and positive disruptive technologies to hit the mainstream—than in the midst of extreme and […]

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