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Climate Disrupted: Emergency Response

Climate Disrupted: Emergency Response

Written by David

April 1, 2020


Immediately in the wake of Hurricane Maria, small communities in Puerto Rico found themselves relying on the few sites that maintained electricity after the island’s gas power plant went offline.


Local community center Casa Pueblo was able to be an “ energy oasis ” due to the solar panels it had installed on its roofs 20 years earlier. The center then handed out 10,000 solar lamps to victims of the hurricane.


The work of Casa Pueblo demonstrates the types of emergency response that can be performed during extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. Just as distributed solar power can help a site maintain its electricity after a hurricane, distributed production may be useful for fabricating necessary tools in an emergency. The increased incidence of extreme weather events and other emergencies that will occur as a result of global warming may see 3D printing become an important tool […]

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