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Clothing made from algae? Scientists use 3D-printing tech to develop groundbreaking fabric


Algae isn’t the most pleasant of substances to see when out for a dip at your local lake or pond. As it turns out however, the bright green ooze-like plant may be hanging in your closet one day in the future. That’s because scientists have used 3D printing technology to create clothing made from algae.


The plant-like fabric has a wide range of applications ranging from biodegradable clothes to artificial leaves capable of producing oxygen for space colonies, according to a new study. So called “living materials,” which mimic those found in nature, have become increasingly popular in recent years as they are especially strong. Now scientists have created a hybrid material by combining living and non-living compounds, which can photosynthesize like plants, but is also robust. The 3D-printed cloth is eco-friendly and could help industries reduce the amount of toxic chemicals they use and their carbon emissions , the researchers say. “Three-dimensional printing is a powerful technology for fabrication of […]

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