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Could 3D printed schools be ‘transformative’ for education in Africa?

Could 3D printed schools be 'transformative' for education in Africa?

Written by David

July 15, 2021


“I am very excited that we now have a school closer to my home, and my child will not have to take the long journey,” said Elisa, 38. Children in Salima, central Malawi have started their education at a new 3D-printed school which was built in just 15 hours. The school can accommodate 50 students and was made with layers of concrete placed by a computer-controlled nozzle.


14Trees managing director Francois Perrot has said that 3D printing could be ‘transformative ‘ in tackling the lack of classroom space in Africa. Companies are currently working on improving the affordability of this method so it can become more widely used. Gathered under the hot sun, dozens of women danced and sang in jubilation as children from the village of Salima, in central Malawi, started their first day at their new 3D-printed school, which had been built from the ground up in only 15 hours. Made of concrete placed layer by layer through a computer-controlled nozzle, the school is made up of a single room with rounded corners and is big enough to accommodate 50 students. Olipa Elisa said her 10-year-old son used to have to hike 5km (3 miles) every day […]

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