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Could 3D printing revolutionize the UK rail industry?

Could 3D printing revolutionize the UK rail industry?

Written by David

October 30, 2019


UK-based infrastructure company Amey is the latest company exploring the use of additive manufacturing for the maintenance of the transportation industry.


Unlike other companies we’ve seen, which are using 3D printing to produce spare or replacement parts for trains, Amey is looking into the technology for maintaining and renewing train tracks. In the UK today, the demand for rail transport is growing. This is generally a great thing for the transport industry and users, as advances are being made to make train travel more efficient and accessible.


There is also a big downside, however.


As Amey points, out, the increased use of Britain’s rail infrastructure is affecting the life expectancies of the rails and other assets, leading to an uncertain future if nothing is done. 3D printing the rails For this reason, Amey is investigating how 3D printing can be used to conduct track renewals. Traditionally, track renewals […]

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