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Covid-19: 3D-Printed Face Masks for Mass Screening

Covid-19: 3D-Printed Face Masks for Mass Screening

Written by David

March 19, 2020


Scientists are developing a face mask produced using 3D-printing that can test large groups of people for Coronavirus in thirty minutes. The unique approach could help curb the outbreak of the disease and enable mass screening that would determine if a person is infectious or not even before symptoms are present.


This low cost mask, soon to be trialed at the University of Leicester in the UK, was originally developed for the swift diagnoses of tuberculosis (TB). Researchers say the device has the potential to save millions of lives across the world every year through early detection of a range of serious respiratory infections and diseases. It uses a simple duck-billed face mask adapted using 3D printed strips that can trap exhaled microbes while the mask […]

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