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Creality Releases New 3X Faster Cubic 3D Printer, Ender-6

Creality Releases New 3X Faster Cubic 3D Printer, Ender-6

Written by David

July 4, 2020


On April 9th, Creality announced the launch of a new FFF 3D printer with featuring a cubic architecture, Ender-6 , coinciding with the company’s sixth anniversary celebration. With a stable core-XY structure and enhanced hardware, the Ender-6 performs printing speeds that are three times higher to deliver finely detailed, large-scale prints.


“We are quite excited to release new products at our sixth anniversary celebration, including the Ender-6, which is specially designed to realize rapid 3D printing,” said Jack Chen, CEO of Creality. “3D printing is penetrating into more aspects of people’s life, and 3D printers are rapidly changing and upgrading, which puts forward more new requirements for Creality to make new products with better performance. The Ender-6 is here to meet the challenge.” The highlights of the Ender-6 include stable core-XY structure, optional enclosed chamber, a silent motherboard developed in-house, and more. The Ender-6 is the most capable 3D […]

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