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Creality’s new Kickstarter could change 3D printing forever

Creality's new Kickstarter could change 3D printing forever

Written by Paul

December 20, 2020


Ever since I learned that at-home 3D printing was a thing, I have been fascinated by it. I started my 3D printing journey and quickly realized I could make a little money by making small keychains that people could buy on Etsy. My demand quickly surpassed my ability to supply, so I invested in 2 more printers, and they cemented my love for the hobby.


There are limits to how much you can print on a single printer — or even several printers — though you have to have a lot of space and money to invest in a print farm.


Something is coming from Creality 3D that may change that dynamic for the better. The Creality CR30, better known as Naomi Wu’s 3D PrintMill — named after the famous Chinese maker and YouTube star Naomi Wu — is the next logical step into the future for […]

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