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Engineers create 3-dimensional yearbooks for blind graduates

Engineers create 3-dimensional yearbooks for blind graduates

Written by David

September 1, 2020


For over two years, Mercer engineering professor Dr. Sinjae Hyun has created three-dimensional yearbooks for visually-impaired graduates in Macon and abroad.


Using 3D printing and cast molding, the Touch 3D Yearbook Project gives students the ability to feel the faces they cannot see for years to come. The yearbooks are the first to be created in the United States.


“It’s hard for them to see their families, their friends. It’s not easy,” says Hyun. “It’s really a kind of personal satisfaction when I see those students’ smiles, that moment, that experience gave me lots of joy.” Hyun, along with fellow engineering professor Dr. Scott Schultz and over 30 Mercer students have provided custom-made yearbooks to graduates at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. The yearbook […]

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