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Engineers link brains to computers using 3D printed implants

Engineers link brains to computers using 3D printed implants

Written by David

September 22, 2020


Linking the human brain to a computer is usually only seen in science fiction, but now an international team of engineers and neuroscientists from three prominent global universities have harnessed the power of 3D printing to bring the technology one step closer to reality.


In a new study published in, a joint team from UK’s University of Sheffield, Russia’s St Petersburg State University and Germany’s Technische Universitat Dresden have developed a prototype neural implant that could be used to develop treatments for problems in the nervous system.


According to the research team, led by Professor Ivan Minev (Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, Sheffield) and Professor Pavel Musienko (St Petersburg State University), the neural implant has be Nature Biomedical Engineeringen used to stimulate the spinal cord of animal models with spinal cord injuries and now could be used to develop new treatments for […]

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