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Free Online Course to Help Fast-Track 3D Printing Skills

Free Online Course to Help Fast-Track 3D Printing Skills

Written by David

April 9, 2020


State University of New York (SUNY) Canton Professor Matthew Burnett has been making face shield components to help medical staff protect themselves against COVID-19 as they deal with a deluge of patients in that state.


Like many 3D printing enthusiasts, Burnett heard about the need for personal protective equipment at area hospitals and immediately set up printers to produce components.


“As hospitals in New York State are facing shortages of essential equipment for this crisis, makers across the state have been connecting and asking how best they can help,” Burnett said in a campus article about the work. As a participant in the Northern NY 3D Printing Network , Burnett and his fellow 3D afficionados are fulfilling requests from at least 10 different medical affiliates in northern New York, which need […]

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