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Holographic 3D Printing With Multiple Lasers

Holographic 3D Printing With Multiple Lasers

Written by David

July 13, 2020


Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a method of using holography in 3D printing.


Holography is an optical method of producing and recording a three-dimensional light field by using multiple light sources to create an interference field. You’ve likely seen holograms from time to time; they are those strange images that suddenly burst into apparent full 3D when properly illuminated. What’s happening is that the illumination allows the recording to reproduce something close to the original interference pattern, and thus the original 3D image becomes visible.


What on Earth would this have to do with 3D printing, you ask?


I did too, but it seems there are some very interesting uses for the technology, particularly when performing powder bed fusion (PBF). PBF and SLA Issues PBF is a common 3D printing process in which high energy, typically from a […]

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