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How About Those Non-Toxic Resin Cleaners?

How About Those Non-Toxic Resin Cleaners?

Written by David

September 5, 2020


Cleaning 3D printer resin is often a messy task, and one that’s made more difficult with dangerous cleaners. Are there alternatives?


It turns out there are. But first, if you’re not familiar with the concept of resin cleaning, let me explain.


This is a process that must take place on every SLA/DLP/LCD 3D print. Those processes use liquid photopolymer resin. Photopolymer resin is designed to solidify when exposed to a particular form of energy. Typically this is 420nm wavelengths of light, delivered by laser or LED panels. The process allows for the 3D printing of extremely high resolution models. Many different types of photopolymer resin have been produced that provide different effects. For example, you can use resin that 3D prints completely transparent, or resin that can withstand high temperatures when solidified. Cleaning Resin 3D Prints But all of them […]

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