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How can 3D printing technology drive down the prices of goods

How can 3D printing technology drive down the prices of goods

Written by David

February 12, 2021


A social survey has been conducted with only one question, ‘What would a person do if one got a one-way ticket for time travel?’ The outcome shows that most people would rather visit the future than go back to the past. It seems that people do appreciate the high quality as well as the convenience of modern life. Nowadays, people also live much longer because of advancements in technologies that serve them in many aspects of their lives.


This article will discuss factors that affect the reduction of prices of goods and commodities and the impact of 3D printing technology on the availability and reduction of the prices of goods now and future. Industrial Revolution It began in the United Kingdom in the 18th century and later in many other parts of the world. It was a significant social and economic transition to new manufacturing processes. This transition included going from hand production methods to machines, use of steam power instead of human or animals, and mass production of iron and chemicals that helped to make necessary tools for every industry. The industrial revolution was responsible for population growth and a significant boost to the global economy. Economic Globalization […]

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