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How to Make More Money at Your 3D Printing Shop

How to Make More Money at Your 3D Printing Shop

Written by Paul

January 7, 2021


From a high-level perspective, you can categorize clients of 3D printing service shops into one of two buckets.


Some clients tend to be more transactional in how they conduct business. They prefer to submit new projects through your project submission portal, they share quick notes, they review and accept your quotes, they confirm their project has been received, and then it’s off to the races with their order. Transactional clients are efficient and nice to have in bulk (they’re great if you’re a print farm or specialize in bridge manufacturing) but they also tend to be price-sensitive and may not stick with you for too long if they decide to shop around and find a cheaper alternative. Then there are clients who may require more consultation and tend to be more hands-on in the process. They ask more questions, they require status updates, they seek a better understanding of your process, they want to tap into your expertise. They are prone to be more collaborative, and over time as you work more and more together, you develop a mutual partnership. These are relationship-based clients, and these are the types of clients you should seek out and cultivate. Here is […]

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